Our Mission

Split Seed Media’s mission is to empower leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs to see their unique value, clarify their core ideas, and create books and other practical resources to serve others at the highest level—while deeply nurturing their own ongoing creative journey of discovery and growth.

Old Paradigms Crumbling

We (Ben and Amanda) have been learning and growing together since we met in high school. Early on, we knew we were called to pursue what was real in a world that often felt like smoke and mirrors, and to serve wherever we were sent. We received all three of our degrees together: high school diplomas, bachelors in English (Amanda) and philosophy (Ben) at William & Mary, and Masters of Divinity at Duke University. We began our careers in ministry and knew we were living our purpose.

What we didn’t know was that long-accepted paradigms in ministry—actually, in every industry—were shifting and crumbling around us. At the same time, our own spiritual journey was developing and changing. After seven years of service, and after many exhausting attempts to reorient ourselves and even volunteer full time, door after door shut—and finally, so did the door in our hearts. We found ourselves outside the institution we felt called to serve and had no more energy left to bang on the door. It was a lonely and disorienting time.

A Seed Split Open

Meanwhile, we had two toddlers to raise and a family to support. We returned to our interests before divinity school: Ben to residential design, and Amanda to writing and editing. Perhaps a life of deeper purpose was not for us. What had we done wrong?

As Ben built his design, sales, and marketing skills at a high-end remodeling firm, Amanda began freelance editing in 2007, on the edge of the explosion of independent publishing. It soon became clear that in this newly hyperconnected world, authors needed more than an editor; they needed a full-service advocate to ensure their ideas would truly serve their readers in a glutted marketplace and to navigate their quickly multiplying publishing options. Paradigms were changing everywhere, and many authors were needing to reinvent themselves and create new solutions to new problems. That’s when we realized we were not alone.

How We Grew

With virtually no advertising and primarily through word-of-mouth referrals, the solo practice Amanda Rooker Editing quickly grew beyond what one person could handle. So Ben joined Amanda and we co-founded Split Seed Media, a full-service writing, coaching, and publishing strategy company. Adding Ben’s sales and design expertise meant we could expand our offerings to include graphics, websites, lead magnets, infographics, and other practical resources beyond the book.

Since then, we have helped hundreds of authors write and publish their books, many of whom have created incredibly successful businesses out of their deepest sense of purpose. We’ve helped them write proposals that received world-class book advances from major publishers and create bestselling books in their areas of expertise. Looking back, we’ve always worked solely for authors rather than publishers, intentionally having their best interest in mind, which we now realize gives us a unique perspective in the industry.

We are the most proud and humbled by what we do when we hear how our authors’ books have changed their readers’ lives for the better, whether it’s through a new skill, clarity of purpose, improved health and energy, or a transformational breakthrough.

But the truth is our authors have changed our lives for the better. We discovered that a life of purpose is a journey, not a destination—and our purpose is to help others awaken to their purpose and share what they’ve learned with others. We learned that from our authors, and we will be forever grateful.

Growing with You

Just like you, we remain committed to a lifelong journey of learning, growth, and service. This journey has taken us to unexpected places, and in a time when nearly every paradigm is breaking open to reveal something new, perhaps the same is true for you. If so, you are not alone. And if a seed of an idea or even a new paradigm has split open within you and you’re ready to share it with others, we would be honored to serve you.

We know writing a book isn’t for every person or every idea; to that end we offer support in first clarifying your public story and then your core idea or framework, to help you identify what makes you come alive and how your idea is meant to grow.

And if your idea is meant to be a book, we love to learn in any field, but our favorite topics are leadership, peak performance, business/entrepreneurship, health and healing, wellness, spirituality, work/life balance, and the unexpected intersections of different fields (such as science and spirituality, or neuroscience and business strategy). Anywhere old paradigms are crumbling and new paradigms are being born. We also love compelling stories, especially your personal stories of overcoming significant challenges.

We work best with purpose-driven and heart-centered leaders who want to serve others well in our currently glutted content marketplace, who are seeking to build long-term relationships with clients and readers through their books and other services, who take a holistic view on work and life, and who believe doing good is good business (and vice versa).

For more information, or to schedule a free consult about your project, visit the Contact page.

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