How do you write a book that's still writing you?

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The secret to writing a book that authentically reflects your life’s work AND creates exponential impact isn’t forcing, pushing, or trying harder. 

It’s doing the right things in the right order with the right support.

“I’ve just published my book!” you see posted by a colleague for what feels like the thousandth time. 

Just to torture yourself, you click over to take a look on Amazon. Their message and framework aren’t earth shattering. And their testimonials? Some of them are from people you know—and from whom you could easily get glowing reviews as well.

Everyone keeps asking why you haven’t written your book yet. Well, there are a million reasons why:

  • You’re drowning in client work.
  • You’ve heard “everyone should write a book” – but you wonder if that‘s really true. Do you really have something unique to say?
  • Tons of books are published every year—many of them by people smarter and more famous than you. Why would your audience want to read your book?
  • Even if you knew your idea was book-worthy, you don’t know where to start. 
  • One of your clients published a book with a major publisher – but it took three years to see the book on the shelves. Ideas can be obsolete after three months – what’s the point of publishing a book if you have to wait three years? 
  • In light of all the different ways you can share ideas today (podcasts, workshops, 1-on-1 work, courses, speaking, videos, social media), is writing a book really the best use of your time and resources?
  • You know how critical you can be of others’ work. Do you really want to put yourself out there and become a target for other people’s criticism?
  • You’ve heard it can cost a lot of money to hire an editor and publish, and you don’t have time or money to waste. What if you invest a lot in the process and you still don’t end up with a book—or worse, a book that’s embarrassing?

All of these are excellent reasons. They’re why so many people set a goal of writing a book and somehow never write it. 

Despite all these reasons, that desire to write a book has not gone away. It’s only gotten stronger. In fact, the more time that goes by, the more you think this book idea might be more than a book. It’s your purpose. Your life’s work. Your core service to the world. You can’t NOT share it. 

And maybe that’s why it’s been so hard to write all along. You know all too well that you’re still on the journey. In some ways, your book idea is still writing you. 

It is possible to write a book that reflects your deepest sense of purpose, honors where you are on your learning journey, and transforms your readers’ lives. A book that activates your ideal readers so quickly that they will instantly preorder it the moment they hear about it.


You just need the right guide and the right process.

The Guide

Hi, I’m Amanda, founding partner of Split Seed Media and New York Times bestselling book collaborator, writing consultant, and author advocate. My passion is to empower thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to see their unique value, transform their greatest difficulties into their greatest gifts, and create books and other practical resources that bear positive fruit in the lives of others. 

In other words, I want to help you come alive in your purpose so you can help others come alive, magnifying your positive impact in the world. I primarily work with heart-centered disruptors and revolutionaries seeking to create new paradigms and new ways of living and working in these challenging times.

Since 2007, I’ve been a force multiplier for hundreds of authors—New York Times and international bestsellers, first-time authors, and everyone in between—many of whom have created incredibly successful businesses out of their deepest sense of purpose. I’ve helped them clarify their unique ideas, write book proposals that have earned them six-figure book advances from major publishers, and create bestselling books in the areas of business, personal development, health, wellness, spirituality, and peak performance.

The Book Plan Intensive

Over the years, I’ve learned that readers don’t just want the book anymore. They want the author. They want a trustworthy guide with unique insight to accompany them on an ongoing, life-changing experience. They want a mentor who believes not only in the power of their own work but in their readers’ highest potential.

They want someone who has come alive in their own life, so they can help them come alive in theirs.

If you are that guide who wants to write a book that encapsulates your life’s work AND empowers your readers to change their lives for the better, we’ve developed the Book Plan Intensive: a 6-step strategic process to help you do just that.

  1. Claim your message. A transformational book must begin with an author who has been transformed. An author who has come alive. An author who knows their purpose and their message, and is already embodying and teaching it (even if they may not realize it). What message is your life proclaiming? Are you ready to claim it?
  2. Activate your audience. Who would benefit most from your message? Put yourselves in their shoes: what matters most to them, what do they worry about, what do they dream of? What language would activate their understanding that your message is actually what they’ve been looking for?
  3. Build the bridge. Now that you know where your audience is, and the message you most want them to know, build the bridge, or the journey, to connect the two. This bridge is your idea DNA, the core journey that is yours to share.
  4. Map your content strategy. As your idea DNA, this core journey can likely be shared in a number of ways. What is first? Concurrent? Next? Or never?
  5. Create your publishing plan. If a book is first on your list, deciding how to publish determines your next steps. What are your publishing options? What are the pros, the cons, the cost? And taking all this into account, which option is best for you and your readers?
  6. Outline your book. Now that you have your strategy set, it’s time to translate your idea DNA or core journey from step 4 into a detailed reader’s journey. You’ll nail down the right details so writing your book is simply a matter of completing one assignment after the other—while leaving plenty of space for additional insight to emerge and creativity to bloom.

The result is a customized strategy, plan, and next-action list to finally get your book done. (And if you want additional support as you write your book and execute your plan, that’s available too, as an add-on service.)

Due to the deep level of investment I make in you and your project, we only schedule one new Book Plan Intensive each month.

Ready to apply?

1. Schedule a free 45-minute video call with me to learn more about the Book Plan Intensive and make sure it’s the right fit.

2. If accepted, you’ll receive a link to enroll in the program, pay your first payment of $2,000, and receive instant access to the full program and my calendar to schedule your coaching sessions at your convenience. 

Writing a great book doesn’t have to be hard! If you do the right things at the right time with the right level of support, it can be full of ease and grace. In fact, this kind of writing process can serve you just as profoundly as your book can serve your readers.

We would love to join you on your journey!



“Amanda Rooker is an author’s dream—I won’t write a book without her! She made profound contributions to the structure of Power Your Tribe, all five drafts of it, and edited every word to ensure that everything flowed and made sense. I can’t gush enough about the heart Amanda pours into her work.” (from Power Your Tribe)

“Her editing brilliance is unparalleled.” (from Smart Tribes)

Christine Comaford

NYT bestselling author of Smart Tribes, Wall Street Journal/USA Today bestselling author of Power Your Tribe

“After interviewing a number of editors for my book, Leading Well from Within, the reason why I chose to work with Amanda went beyond her clear technical competence. It centered on what I sensed was the depth of her investment in my project. She expressed a desire to engage in mutual learning and growth to serve the project. The highlights were the frequent dopamine-rich Zoom calls we had together where we were absorbed in the flow, out of which awe-inspiring insights emerged. Working with Amanda is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As a result of Amanda’s investment, I feel blessed to have more than exceeded my return on investment!”

Dr. Danny Friedland

Neuroscience-based leadership coach and author of Leading Well from Within

“We have never worked with anyone who compares with Amanda Rooker as an editor, researcher, draft piece writer, and general support team. Her attention to detail and ability to juggle millions of details simultaneously and flawlessly would be valuable on their own, but her ability to think, remember, compare, learn quickly, and make genuine contributions makes her essential to our book production. She truly cared as much as we did about producing a complete, accurate, interesting, and useful book.”

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D.

NYT bestselling business authors and customer strategy experts

“Amanda Rooker is an absolute gem to work with. She is hardworking, thorough, timely, and a fantastic listener. She helps you find your voice and tell your story in your unique way. Any author who has the chance to work with Amanda would be crazy to turn that opportunity down.”

John O’Sullivan

Bestselling author of  Every Moment Matters and Changing the Game

“Amanda Rooker was instrumental in crafting my proposal for Eve and her intelligent review of the manuscript was significant. Without her, Eve would not have made it into the world so beautifully, brilliantly, or as quickly.”

Wm. Paul Young

NYT bestselling author of Eve, #1 NYT bestselling author of The Shack

“I’ve been waiting to write my story for almost a decade now. When I spoke with Amanda at the beginning of 2020, I knew she was the exact person to help me to tell it. Amanda created a safe space for me to bring out my authentic self and write my story of addiction and recovery. She encouraged me to write the book the way I wanted to and guided me throughout the process. Her feedback and experience were invaluable for a second-time author like me. I’m forever grateful for Amanda’s support in getting my message out to the world. I highly recommend Amanda and Ben for all of your publishing needs.”

Jesse Harless

Bestselling author of If Not You, Then Who?

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