We have never worked with anyone who compares

“My partner Don Peppers and I are working on our ninth book, and among the first eight is a textbook which has now been revised with Ms. Rooker’s help (Managing Customer Relationships, Wiley, 2011). Bottom line: We have never worked with anyone who compares with Amanda Rooker as an editor, researcher, draft piece writer, and general support team. Her attention to detail and ability to juggle millions of details simultaneously and flawlessly would be valuable on their own, but her ability to think, remember, compare, learn quickly, and make genuine contributions makes her essential to our book production. She truly cared as much as we did about producing a complete, accurate, interesting, and useful book. I recommend her to anyone with only one hesitation: Just leave enough of her time free so we can use her again.”

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D.


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December 26, 2013

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