Are you writing a book? Have you gotten stuck along the way and you’re not sure what to do next?

Very often authors hit obstacles in the writing process because they are trying to complete the tasks of one writing phase, when they’re actually in another writing phase. They’re trying to follow the wrong map.

In our experience working with hundreds of authors over the past fifteen years, we’ve noticed four common phases in the book writing process:

  1. Idea Incubation: When Your Book Is Writing You
  2. Core Content: Shift from Hero to Mentor
  3. Writing Your Manuscript: Count the Cost and Do the Work
  4. Sharing Your Work: Continue Your Cycle of Growth

And the first two don’t even involve writing a book!

In this blog series, we’d like to offer you a guide to the whole writing process—the internal and the external journey. We’ll cover each of the four phases, describing what the phase looks like, what tools/support/actions are most helpful to move through it, and how to know you’re ready for the next phase.

Think of it as a map to orient yourself in the writing process, so you can move around the inevitable obstacles with more ease and grace.

Choose your own adventure by clicking on one of the phases below!

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